Hi, I'm Rebecca Turner, founder of Pit Polish.  I live in the gorgeous Hill Country of Southwest Texas with my family, right outside of San Antonio.  From a young age my Mom taught me to take care of my skin.  For most of my life I've used products that were filled with chemicals and cost a pretty penny.  Recently the importance of eliminating all that junk from our lives became an obvious thing that needed to happen.  Cancer rates have sky-rocketed over the past few decades and it doesn't take a genius to see that all of these chemicals in our products and in our foods are taking a horrible toll.  I've done a total overhaul of our life, trying to live a clean lifestyle, from buying organic and GMO-free food, to totally overhauling any products I use on our skin or in our house.  
A few years ago my amazing sister started making home-made skincare products.  The immediate difference we saw was unbelievable.  We went from spending a ton of money on expensive, chemical-laden products, to making our own with natural ingredients and being blown away by the improvement in our skin.  The rest is history.  I began tinkering around with deodorant recipes after being unsatisfied with what I'd found on the market and I finally came up with one that was so fantastic that I just had to share it with the world.  I hope you love Pit Polish as much as we do!  
Please tell your friends so we can help more people to live a clean, healthy lifestyles.  
Thank you so much, 
Need to contact me? Please feel free to email me at pitpolish@gmail.com
Or you can call me at (843) 263-5141