How Pit Polish was Born!

How Pit Polish was Born!

Pit Polish was created out of necessity.  Most great products are.  Fed up with poisonous deodorants I was on a quest to find a natural, organic brand that did the job.  I started out with a spray brand that barely did anything.  Surprisingly enough I used it for a couple of years before getting fed up with the horrible results, i.e., my STINK!  I figured there must be something better out there that wouldn't be bad for my health.  So I tried a few big name natural brands.  Every one I tried had some drawback that made me not want to use it.  Some had really over-powering scents.  Some had scents I just didn't like at all.  One brand I put on instantly made me feel wet, which was pretty shocking.  Also the consistency was just strange.  

Realizing these were the "best" out there, I decided to try my hand at making my own.  I was experienced in making some of my own organic skincare products already so I decided to go ahead and give deodorant a try.  I got pretty lucky on my first try.  It was so much better than any other organic brand I had tried that I was shocked.  After tinkering with the recipe for a long time and having friends and family try the different versions I finally came up with something that was so effective I knew I had something special on my hands.  I realized it not only worked better than the natural, organic brands I'd tried, it also totally blew away any conventional brand I'd ever used either.  I never got to the end of the day and dealt with what I call the "corpse" smell that I used to experience on an almost daily basis when my conventional brand quit working.  

Pit Polish truly works throughout the ENTIRE day, never needing a touchup as I see some users of organic brands say they have to do.  It literally lasts ALL DAY, through sweaty workouts and beyond!  Yes that's right!  I never really find it's breaking point.  I can't wait for you to discover this fact for yourself!  Read some of my reviews to see that I'm not the only one in love with Pit Polish.  It really is remarkable.  

I hope you love Pit Polish as much as we do!  It truly is a labor of love!  Let your friends know about it so that we can grow our business and reach more people that desperately need this healthy alternative!


Rebecca Turner

owner and founder of Pit Polish

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